Protecting the friendly gray whale

Watch it all.


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4 comments on “Protecting the friendly gray whale

  1. Irenaeus says:

    OK, this is T19, so our “friendly gray whale” can’t be more mockery from Sarah and Greg.

  2. Chris Hathaway says:

    So to protect the grey whale they prevented the construction of a desalinization plant that would have supplied clean drinkable water. That seems par for the course for environmentalism.

    On the other side of the continent lobster fisherman here in Maine are required to used easily breakable rope for their traps, which will cost them thousands in lost traps, all to “protect” Right whales that might swim here, even though we haven’t seen any for a long while.

  3. Little Cabbage says:

    Many of us are delighted that they stopped the building of the desalinization plant at that particular spot, which is one of the last nursery/spawning areas of the last tiny percentage of grey whales left on the planet.

    The grey whales are a link in God’s vast oceanic ecosystem. That entire system is very vulnerable and on the edge of collapse in many areas of the globe. We need to save our seas, with their fantastic diversity of life, because we all depend upon them.

  4. libraryjim says:

    So why can’t the build the desalinization plant elsewhere? There is a lot of coastline besides that one area.