Installation of the new Archbishop of the province of SE Asia

You can watch the ceremony below, starting at 5mins 42 secs in [2 hours or so] from St Mary’s Cathedral, Kuala Lumpur

George Conger reports:

The Bishop of West Malaysia, the Most Rev. Ng Moon Hing, was installed as Archbishop of the Church of the Province of South East Asia today at a ceremony in St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur. On 2 Sept 2015, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the province elected Bishop Ng to a four year term of office as 5th archbishop and primate of the province in succession to the Most Rev. Bolly Lapok, Bishop of Kuching. Born on 12 Nov 1955 in Ipoh, Perak state in Malaya, Bishop Ng earned a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree in 1978 from Monash University in Australia and worked in the construction industry before entering Seminari Teologi Malaysia where he earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1985. Ordained deacon in 1985 and priest in 1986 in the Diocese of West Malaysia served as vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Ipoh, appointed a canon of St Mary’s Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur in 1996 and Archdeacon of the Lower North Archdeaconry in 2001. On 5 May 2007, Bishop Ng was consecrated the 4th Bishop of West Malaysia. He is married to Ding Siew Lan and has three children: Joshua Ng Tarng Jiun, Sarah Ng Jia Yi, and Charlotte Ng Jia Lerd.

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2 comments on “Installation of the new Archbishop of the province of SE Asia

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Lovely service. South East Asia must be one of the most cosmopolitan provinces and one of the most wide-ranging. In addition to its four dioceses in Malaysia/Singapore, its chaplaincies and deaneries stretch from the Himalayas to the Pacific and from Indo-China to the borders of China, and has exerted a friendly and encouraging influence on the recovering church in China. Not content with planting seeds across Asia, it has sent missionaries out across the world, one of whom, answering the call of God as a young man, is now bishop of Bolivia. It is not huge numerically, but it is strong theologically and evangelistically, and punches well above its weight.

    I have followed Bishop Moon Hing’s wonderful and humorous youtube broadcasts for a few years, and he has been a pioneer in encouraging West Malaysia to commit to training in evangelism and discipleship. I am sure he will promote the same in his ministry as Archbishop. Exciting times for the province and I wish Archbishop Moon Hing well and pray for his ministry and the growth of all the seeds being planted in what is also one of the most challenging regions for Christians to witness in.

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    The section an hour and seven minutes in, the invitation to the Holy Spirit, is electric.