(WSJ) Charlotte Allen–A ”˜Faith-Based Film’ Rises Above the Usual

Nothing says cultural marginalization of Christians like the phrase “faith-based films.” The connotations: mediocre acting, directing and writing; cut-rate production values; and, most of all, niche product.

When I went to see “Risen,” the freshly released New Testament movie from “Waterworld” director Kevin Reynolds, I sat through previews for “The Young Messiah” and “God’s Not Dead 2” (yes, there was a “God’s Not Dead” 1), and the latter at least looked as though it embodied what I mentioned about talent and budget.

Yet with a nationwide release and at least one A-list star, “Risen” has performed reasonably well at the box office. It was the third-highest-grossing movie last weekend, when it opened, bringing in $11 million””a good showing for a project with a $20 million budget.

That may be because Mr. Reynolds has””for the most part””avoided the melodramatic clichés that have marred many an overblown Jesus movie.

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One comment on “(WSJ) Charlotte Allen–A ”˜Faith-Based Film’ Rises Above the Usual

  1. Luke says:

    We truly enjoyed seeing “Risen” last Sunday afternoon.

    It’s hard to imagine that any Christian would not enjoy it, also.