The Cubs: 99 years of misery

Ugh–I was just starting to get excited about the new season beginning.


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12 comments on “The Cubs: 99 years of misery

  1. Jill C. says:

    My dad, who died five years ago this weekend, was a big Cubs fan. (He was buried with his Green Bay jacket and his Cubs cap.) He would’ve eaten up all that history and stats. (I might have even printed it off for him!) And despite the odds he would’ve gone on rooting for his Cubbies anyway! 🙂

  2. Jeffersonian says:

    Speaking as a life-long Cardinals fan…I’m not sympathetic.

  3. physician without health says:

    Who would have thought that the Red Sox would ever again win a World Series? Hang in there.

  4. Summersnow says:

    Temps in the 60’s in the morning, but the game will probably be rained out if the forecast holds for tomorrow.

    Still, I can listen all day to WGN and the commentary…

    Not bad for a Monday.


  5. Payton says:

    Now, now, Jeffersonian…that’s not nice. Even as a lifelong Cardinals fan, I do have sympathy for the lowly Cubbies. I will even have sympathy for them next year as they start their second century of misery.

  6. Knapsack says:

    There’s a price for having a home field as sweet as Wrigley at 1060 W. Addison Ave., and that’s not winning a World Series. Let’s see — have a World Series pennant from 1992 but playing in soulless Allstate Stadium out in Lincolnshire or Barrington, or be the legendary losers for a century still hitting towards the manual scoreboard above the Friendly Confines . . . it isn’t even a question.

    Somewhat heretically, i firmly believe that when i reach the end of that dark tunnel and walk into the light on that Great Day, when my resurrected vision clears, i’ll see a green field and two lines heading out from Home to Infinity, with a brick wall covered in ivy marking out the Land of the Blessed from the infernal regions.

    As i say, that’s just a personal revelation with no real theological weight, but i believe it with all my heart.

  7. physician without health says:

    Some are predicting that the Cubs will make it to the World Series this year. Also, and I apologize to the elves that this is off-topic, it was neat last evening to see the President of the United States in the broadcast booth at Nationals Park with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan.

  8. The_Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    Speaking as someone who lived in Chicago for 3 years, that video clip was hilarious. I honestly do not think that Cubs fans want to win a World Series. They revel too much in being the lovable losers. If they win it all, the Cubs are just another team.

  9. John says:

    Monday morning (3-31-08) ESPN SportsCenter – ESPN Analyst John Kruk picks a Cubs vs. Indians World Series for 2008 with the Cubs winning!! (and he was dead serious!!)

  10. The_Elves says:

    #7, this elf is quite indulgent on the subject of baseball, especially when you throw in the name Jon Miller. I had the pleasure of living in Baltimore and the DC-area for 4 years in the late ’80s, early 90s. In B’more, I lived 2 blocks from Memorial Stadium (before Camden Yards was built), and became a huge O’s fan, largely because of the FANTASTIC radio broadcasts of Jon Miller and Joe Angel. Jon to me will always be the voice of the O’s and every time I hear him I think of those 4 fun summers… (well, ’87 wasn’t so fun, when the O’s started 0-21 or 0-23 (I forget), but ’88 was a blast when they nearly went from worst to first…!)

  11. aacswfl1 says:

    Question is will Cubs survive Lou IF they underachieve again? Or can they endure his emotionalisms for a full season?

  12. Knapsack says:

    Uh, Lou? Does that mean Leo Durocher isn’t manager any more?