Diocese of Quincy Press Release: Appellate Court Unanimously Rejects Episcopal Case

The Illinois Fourth District Appellate Court ruled in favor of the Anglican Diocese of Quincy in their ongoing defense against legal challenges brought against them by the Episcopal Church. In the unanimous decision of May 13th, the Appellate Court for the second time ruled that the Diocese had the ability not only to leave the Episcopal Church, but also to keep all of its assets.

While the Episcopal Church had claimed that prior Court rulings did not encompass “all” of the Diocese’s assets, the trial court of Adams County, Illinois ruled that it had in fact awarded all of the Diocesan assets to the Diocese free of any claim by the Episcopal Church.

The trial court noted that its original decision had been affirmed by the Fourth District Appellate Court and that the Illinois Supreme Court had declined the Episcopal Church’s Petition for Leave to File further appeal. Further, the Appellate Court affirmed the trial court’s sanction against the Episcopal Church, whereby the trial court had ordered the Episcopal Church to pay attorney’s fees for the Diocese.

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One comment on “Diocese of Quincy Press Release: Appellate Court Unanimously Rejects Episcopal Case

  1. dwstroudmd+ says:

    I am sure the Methodists are taking notes. Some to emulate EcUSA and some to emulate Quincy. The biblical test of the fruit of “the issue” ought to be patently clear to all as to the LGBT? “gozpell” and its effects, but none are so blind as those who will not see.