(Memphis Commercial Appeal) Why the Enneagram of Personality is becoming popular with Christians and other faith groups

Sandra Smith isn’t sure why the Enneagram has taken off so recently among faith communities. Maybe it’s because of social media, or perhaps it’s because of the popularity of categorizing one another, she said.

But it’s not a typing system, said Smith, a certified consultant and teacher of the Enneagram.

“It’s about, ‘how do I block my heart from giving and receiving love?’”

On Thursday, a group of spiritual directors and clergy gathered at Church Health for a workshop to learn more about the Enneagram, a tool that maps out nine personality types, delving into the strengths, struggles and dominant emotions of each type.

The Enneagram isn’t a new system. Parts of it, including its symbol with nine points in a circle, are ancient. But in the past few years, the system has taken off among faith communities who are using it in Bible studies, in therapy sessions, on retreats and in individual spiritual practice.

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