(60 minutes) Inside A Convalescent Plasma Therapy Program Treating Coronavirus Patients

We met some of her super donors. Each had different COVID-19 symptoms, but they all wanted the same thing: to help.

Dan Walsh is a retired currency broker.

Dan Walsh: Oh, it’s great. I think it’s great. Like, it gives me bragging rights to my friends. (LAUGH) I say, “I saved a life. You didn’t do anything today.” (LAUGH)

Rick Loshiavo is an investment manager.

Rick Loshiavo: I mean, there’s nothing I’ve done in my life to have these antibodies, But the fact that I have them maybe I was blessed with them to help somebody.

Christopher Jordan is a civil engineer.

Christopher Jordan: I just feel like we should do this like we should be giving back during these kinda times. like if you can help your neighbor, help your neighbor.

Walter Dimatia is a fabricator.

Walter Dimatia: It’d be a great feeling to know that I helped someone, absolutely. I hope it does.

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