NY Times: A Massacre in Congo, Despite Nearby Support

At last the bullets had stopped, and François Kambere Siviri made a dash for the door. After hiding all night from firefights between rebels and a government-allied militia over this small but strategic town, he was desperate to get to the latrine a few feet away.

“Pow, pow, pow,” said his widowed mother, Ludia Kavira Nzuva, recounting how the rebels killed her 25-year-old son just outside her front door. As they abandoned his bloodied corpse, she said, one turned to her and declared, “Voilà, here is your gift.”

In little more than 24 hours, at least 150 people would be dead, most of them young men, summarily executed by the rebels last month as they tightened their grip over parts of eastern Congo, according to witnesses and human-rights investigators.

Read it all from the front page of yesterday’s paper.


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6 comments on “NY Times: A Massacre in Congo, Despite Nearby Support

  1. Spiro says:

    Where in the world is the United Nations???!!!

  2. Juandeveras says:

    I find it particularly galling that the Chinese Communist government has pretty much taken over the Congo ( for its valuable raw materials and almost slave labor ) and the allleged media has not reported one word ( see Peter Hitchens – brother of Christopher Hitchens – who reports for the Daily Mail ).

  3. Sick & Tired of Nuance says:

    Do you mean the United Nations we were supposed to count on to aid us in the War on Terror? Aren’t we supposed to get their approval before [i]we[/i] can do anything? Why, without the U.N. the United States is powerless to act internationally. What a farce the U.N. is! Where are the French? Where is Belgium? Where are the Germans?

    And what about the Chinese? They are in Africa in a huge way. Don’t tell me they don’t have an influence in all this.

  4. Jeffersonian says:

    [blockquote]Where in the world is the United Nations???!!! [/blockquote]

    Sorry, but there aren’t any Jews or Americans to condemn, nor is there a big pile of money to loot, so the UN is completely uninterested.

  5. Alice Linsley says:

    The media refers to this sort of thing an ethic conflict. The media also referred to the massacre of Christians by Muslims in Jos as ethnic conflict. I’d call it religious persecution.

    What about the 350+ dead Christians in Jos, many of whom were Anglicans?

  6. Juandeveras says:

    This is yet another example of the US media’s implosion – yet another example of why we must rely on foreign ( English ) media for a modicum of factual info.