Church Society Comment on the Primates Meeting

Another meeting of Anglican Primates has come and gone, nothing of substance has been done or decided. The problem the Communion faces is not with one or two individuals such as Gene Robinson who unfairly has become the focus of our problems, but rather with false teaching. Those who teach that sexual immorality is acceptable are leading people to destruction. But this is true of more than one or two of the Anglican Primates there are several Primates, including Rowan Williams who appear to hold to such false teaching. Turkeys are not going to vote for Christmas. There are a number of Primates who have taken a lead including those associated with last year’s GAFCON gathering. Yet even they have seemed unwilling publicly to admit that the problem stretches to more than just one or two of their fellow Primates. But they are probably influenced in this by the fact that they are a minority and there are many more who whilst being genuinely outraged by what has happened in the US and Canada, seem temperamentally incapable of taking action. In the Anglican Way part of the task of Bishops is “to drive out strange and erroneous teaching” (Book of Common Prayer Ordinal) yet in much of what passes as Anglicanism today this part of their role is sadly neglected.

There was a brief time when combined outrage might have translated into action but Rowan Williams headed this off and now it seems that the body of Primates as a whole will not do anything.

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3 comments on “Church Society Comment on the Primates Meeting

  1. jaroke says:

    If you continue to insist, while maintaining a straight face, that sexual relations are a sin when entered into by other than married couples you are at best a hypocrite and a walking example of why the church has difficulty in maintaining its numbers, let alone growing.

  2. AnglicanFirst says:

    Reply to jamoke (#2.).

    You comment is proof that a new belief system based on humanism has emerged within Anglican Communion. Ms. Schori was correct when she made her “two churches” at ECUSA’s 2006 GC.

    The new revisionist church, while it retains vestages of the apostolic church, cannot be called a Christian church due to its radical/heretical departures from “…the Faith once given….”

    The revisionists have created a human-oriented and human-inspired church that challenges the Word rather than follows the Word.

  3. Cennydd says:

    Yep……and it’s called Secular Humanism!