Central New York Episcopal Diocese sues former parish again

Back in 2003, the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York consecrated a gay bishop and allowed others to perform same-sex blessings.

The Church of the Good Shepherd in Binghamton, an Episcopal parish at the time, disagreed with this move and severed ties. Last year, the Diocese sued for Good Shepherd to leave the church building on Conklin Avenue, and in December, a state Supreme Court judge ruled in their favor.

On Friday, both sides were back in court.

“We’ve kind of moved on as a congregation and this is almost looking backwards now. So we were dreading it but here it is,” said Father Matthew Kennedy, Good Shepherd’s head pastor.

This time, the feud centers around a will by former Good Shepherd member Robert Brannan. He died in 1986 and left behind money in a trust fund for his parish.

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2 comments on “Central New York Episcopal Diocese sues former parish again

  1. Mark Johnson says:

    This is a poorly written article – obvious from the very beginning when it states that the Diocese of New York consecrated a gay bishop, no “they” didn’t – it was the Diocese of New Hampshire.

  2. teatime says:

    Yes, very poorly written. The actual news is buried. Amazing that this got by an editor.
    But the news itself is unbelievable. Can TEC appear any more callous and money-grabbing. Makes you think twice about leaving money to the church in your will!