The Bishop of Olympia explains why He Voted no on Northern Michigan

Finally, what troubles me the most about this situation is Thew Forrester’s revision of liturgical texts, most especially the Baptismal Liturgy, the very core vow and liturgy of our faith. In a document circulated for the House of Bishops from Thew Forrester, he states that he and his congregation have “explored” the Baptismal liturgy, removing the reference to “Satan” and “accepting [Christ] as the way of Life and Hope.” This action was to “complement the BCP ”( Liturgy and Community, The Diocese of Northern Michigan , Kevin Thew Forrester, Lent 2009). In the same document, he states that he uses the Book of Common Prayer as a “primary resource.” This brought me full circle. The very basis of Total Common Ministry and our very call to life as a Christian””the baptismal vow and liturgy””was being revised, and this is a concern.

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10 comments on “The Bishop of Olympia explains why He Voted no on Northern Michigan

  1. Katherine says:

    This is an interesting parallel to those of us who object to the re-writing of the baptismal liturgy and its transformation into a mutual covenant in the 1979 book, the new language, as we see, so readily manipulated into support of the New Religion.

  2. Doug Martin says:

    So, if we are keeping score, how many “yes” so far? Or are you just counting the “no’s” who have felt a ned to explain themselves?

  3. LongGone says:

    When and how did the Baptismal Liturgy become “the very core vow and liturgy of [TEC’s] faith”?

    I always thought the Nicene Creed was the core vow, and the Eucharist the core liturgy.

  4. Karen B. says:

    Doug Martin, there is a fairly solid report of one Yes vote by a bishop (SW Virginia), but it has not been made public beyond the clergy of the diocese. To my knowledge, so far there are no public letters re: Yes votes that any of the 6-8 of us quite closely tracking the consent process have seen.

  5. Churchman says:

    It seems like a fairly good sign if bishops who have tended to fall on the moderate-to-liberal end are voting no on this.

  6. Harvey says:

    A question was addressed to me as to who wrote the Bible – wasn’t it wriiten by men? This question is somewhat easy to answer. It was written by the hand of men – maybe – but the Bible says Holy Scripture was writtern by men AS MOVED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD!!!
    In the same Holy Bible it says of liars and cheats ” By their works ye shall know them!!!” God does give us a scoreboard and a Biblical game plan.

  7. nwlayman says:

    You have to read the whole thing to really appreciate just how utterly empty his statement is. He doesn’t say alot more than “He did some unauthorized rubrics”, which is of course done everywhere. In Rickle’s own diocese clergy REGULARLY substitute made-up trinities. Baptismal routines have included the father of a child wetting him in the name of the father, the priest in the name of the son…And the mother doing it in the name of the spirit, because the Holy Spirit is *feminine*, silly!

    Tomorrow Ann Redding will be vesting a deacon at an ordination Rickles will be doing. Yup, nothing wrong with HIS standards!

  8. Chris says:

    I want to know what Chane, Bruno, Shaw, Sisk, Andrus (i.e. the heavyweight liberal Bishops) think about this. Based on the smaller time moderate to liberal Bishops that have come out against KTF, it would seem he is doomed if the aforementioned power brokers (btw my list might not be accurate, others here are more informed) conclude that they can’t save him.

  9. Choir Stall says:

    Re: #4
    Ah Yes. SW.VA.’s Bishop Neff Powell. Not a surprise if he voted for Forrester. It’s a pattern of oblivion and liberal social political action by this former Northwesterner. He was not only a board member of, but the CHAIRMAN of the Board of Planned Parenthood in his region of Virginia. And he voted FOR Robinson. And he voted to allow SSBs. He has also gleefully expressed how glad that he is that “the culture wars” haven’t effected his diocese.
    HELLLLLOOOO! YOU are causing the Culture Wars.
    Can ANYBODY from that Diocese explain why he isn’t being deposed by the DIOCESE?!?

  10. Burgher says:

    Sure, Choir Stall…At least two of the bigger churches in that region (in Roanoke) are part of AMiA and have been for a long time, drawing off those who might otherwise be “deposers.” Many (probably most) of the other congregations are quite small, even by current TEC standards–it is rural Virginia, by and large.