Anglican Archbishop says South Africa must have arms deal inquiry

The Anglican archbishop of Cape Town says a decision by prosecutors to drop charges against South African presidential candidate Jacob Zuma will become a “running sore” unless there is an independent inquiry into the arms deal that triggered a legal process that has gripped the country for more than two years.

“How can this country forgive unless we know who we are forgiving and for what?” Archbishop Thabo Makgoba said in a 20 April speech to the Cape Town Press Club, The Cape Times newspaper reported.

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2 comments on “Anglican Archbishop says South Africa must have arms deal inquiry

  1. Jeffersonian says:

    Zuma is almost certain to become SA’s next Prexy, and he’s an absolute lunatic. SA’s only a decade or so away from becoming Son of Zimbabwe, and the consequences for the rest of southern Africa will be horrific.

  2. Harvey says:

    It seems that no matter when we shake the SA we seem to get bad fruit no matter what the racial ID.