Get Religion responds to a Dallas Morning News story: Warping the Anglican wars

The case has been settled by the progressive U.S. leadership and, apparently, that settles it for the News. There is no attempt to use language that describes the two clashing camps and their claims. There is no attempt to note the previous legal precedents ”” backing centuries of church tradition ”” that actually support the diocese.

What language could the newspaper have used if it wanted to be accurate, yet fair to the beliefs and traditions on both sides? That would have taken another paragraph or so, me thinks. But if you want to know how NOT to frame this local, regional, national and global issue ”” look no further. You have your template.

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2 comments on “Get Religion responds to a Dallas Morning News story: Warping the Anglican wars

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Terry Mattingly is absolutely right. The fact that the Dallas Morning News conveniently glosses over the fact that +Jack Iker is the Bishop of Ft. Worth (or former bishop of the TEC diocese, if you insist) is a stunning and glaring sign of the liberal bias that Terry is lamenting.

    But the blatant liberal or “progressive” bias of the newspaper industry in general is hardly news now, is it? Still, it’s important that this kind of sloppy, egregious, unprofessional journalism be exposed and publicly held up to the scorn and derision it deserves.

    Journalists, whether of the print, broadcast, or internet variety, often see themselves as honorable watchmen that help to keep public officials honest by keeping the population well informed of the truth through objective reporting of the facts, without catering to the misleading spin of those in power. But who keeps watch on the watchmen, when they start spinning things themselves?

    Well, when it comes to blowing the whistle on dishonest religion writers in America, Terry Mattingly and Doug LeBlanc of are among the best and most vigilant. Thank God for them.

    David Handy+

  2. montanan says:

    Fascinating – Mr. Mattingly gives appropriate condolences to reporters trying to get their facts straight, but points out quite well that they’re not.