Telegraph: The terminally ill need care and protection – not help in committing suicide

The letter is signed by

The Most Rev Rowan Williams
Archbishop of Canterbury

The Most Rev Vincent Nichols
Archbishop of Westminster

Sir Jonathan Sacks
Chief Rabbi

It reads in part:

Now, by way of an amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill, the legality of assisting people to end their own lives is again to be debated. The amendment seeks to protect from prosecution those who help friends or relatives to go abroad to commit suicide in one of the few countries where the practice is legal.

This would surely put vulnerable people at serious risk, especially sick people who are anxious about the burden their illness may be placing on others. Moreover, our hospice movement, an almost unique gift of this country to wider humankind, is the profound and tangible sign of another and better way to cope with the challenges faced by those who are terminally ill.

Read it all.


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3 comments on “Telegraph: The terminally ill need care and protection – not help in committing suicide

  1. Dan Crawford says:

    The Archbishops and the Chief Rabbi are to be commended and supported in this statement. One hopes a similar statement will emerge from across denominational lines in this country. Everyday, once- Christian countries have made a “covenant with death” (Wisdom 1 and 2) – and the tide needs to be reversed.

  2. Fr. Dale says:

    #1. Dan Crawford,

    I agree with your comment and commend the ABC. This is an excellent place to apply his moral authority.

  3. Katherine says:

    This action by the Archbishop is right and highly commendable.