Gordon Gayer (Maine) on Yesterday at General Convention 2009

The Prayer Book / Liturgy group has before it various proposals for blessing same-sex relationships. This is important and controversial, but will also be well-attended by other members of Maine’s Deputation. So I trot off to a workshop of the Ecumenical Relations panel.

This group has been making its way through a forbiddingly titled “Theological Statement on Interreligious Relations.“ Today the topic is the delicate one of salvation: How we talk to others, especially to non-Christians, about what is, for us, Christ’s role in salvation, without bringing the discussion to a screeching halt? It was impressive to watch these learned and gracious theologians, both lay and clerical, tackle this head-on at 7:45 a.m. in the morning.

Could you even say ”soteriological exclusivity” (this is what they were trying to avoid) before your second cup of coffee?

Read it all.


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