The Bishop of Olympia on Resolution D025

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[Greg] Rickel, in a blog on Wednesday, anticipated that the latest General Convention actions will cause some pain. “It does not go back to B033, but instead looks forward,” he said of the resolution adopted.

“Several things are important to me here. First, I think it is time for this Church to be honest about where it finds itself now. Second, it must acknowledge that not everyone is in that same place, in fact there are many and varied places people find themselves in this debate.

“Third, this resolution does, in fact, open up access once again to gay and lesbian people, to the discernment process for the episcopate. To interpret this any other way would be dishonest.”

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6 comments on “The Bishop of Olympia on Resolution D025

  1. Jeffersonian says:

    His boss just tried to interpret it another way to Canterbury. For the record, I think the Bishop of Olympia describes his boss to a tee.

  2. David+ says:

    Honesty. How very refreshing but rare in TEO.

  3. nwlayman says:

    The bishop is *an Anglican*. That means the words mean anything you want them to mean, any time, any day, anywhere. Remenber, Ann Redding is still his parishoner, still a communicant.

  4. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Being dishonest has never bothered TE”C” in its relations before, so why should it bother anyone now? Note the dishonesty of the PB and Bonnie Anderson in their statement.

    Even Rowan Williams can read English. IT’s all one has to do.

    Thanks be to God for General Convention 2009 and the votes made in clarity. Anyone who can fudge this reality now is definitely delusional.

  5. montanan says:

    While I’m no longer in TEC, I have found myself grieving all week long. Nevertheless, I was initially impressed that so many bishops of liberal bent wanted to be honest, to stop finding ways to portray their decisions as “this” to one group and “that” to another. So +Olympia’s honesty here is refreshing and admirable. Sadly, many have decided to go back to the “this” and “that” ways of their past.

  6. Jeremy Bonner says:

    Also unlike your former bishop, Montanan, who was apparently able to vote for DO25 and then sign the Anaheim Statement. Blessings to all at Christ Church.