Anglican TV Interviews Albany Bishop Bill Love


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One comment on “Anglican TV Interviews Albany Bishop Bill Love

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Bishop Love seems a very sincere and holy man, but I feel he’s confusing who’s leaving and who’s not. Those who are leaving TEC for ACNA are not leaving the Communion, nor are they leaving the historic teachings of the Church catholic. These are extraordinary times and they call for unusual temporary arrangements, but one thing is abundantly clear, ACNA has made it crystal clear that they are not leaving the global Anglican Communion. Their relationship to the Communion is unclear at present, but so frankly is the relationship of TEC to the Communion. More Anglicans globally are in communion with ACNA than with TEC, and that number is likely to increase after last week. Those who are still in TEC are the ones who need to ask this question of themselves repeatedly — “Who’s leaving and who’s staying?” TEC is walking apart from the Communion, and the historic faith. That walk apart is not likely to end soon, or ever, as last week demonstrated. No, Bishop Love, there is no “perfect church,” but there are, unfortunately, through history moments when heresy seizes part of a church and leads those who accept the heresy to walk away. Which group of Anglicans in North America do you think are walking away from the faith and from the Communion? If everything is viewed only through the lens of TEC it’s easy to describe others as walking away, but if you look at it from the perspective of the global Communion, things begin to look very different. It’s all a matter of perspective.