Dr. Bruce Mullins' Affidavit in the Diocese of Ohio Lawsuit

Read it carefully and read it all.


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3 comments on “Dr. Bruce Mullins' Affidavit in the Diocese of Ohio Lawsuit

  1. Creighton+ says:

    Dr. Mullins elucidates the PB’s position well. However, the EC has never been hierarchical in the same way the RC Church is….

    And that was never the intention of its founders.

    There is nothing new in this affidavit.

    One cannot impose a trust upon others without their permission and GC does not speak for individual dioceses.

    SC Supreme Court acknowledge this fact and it will be interesting if it eventually goes to US Supreme Court.

  2. MKEnorthshore says:

    But Fr. Creighton, don’t you understand that we ARE catholic, catholic, CATHOLIC, and nobody can break up the CATHOLIC church (except protestants)–oh! You mean we’re protestants? What about being catholic and all that?

  3. Islandbear says:

    I would respectfully point out that there are errors of fact in paragraph 22. Someone who is as “expert” as this gentleman claims to be should know that a Suffragan or Assisting Bishop can be elected as a Diocesan Bishop.

    Can anyone say “impeachment”? Should be an interesting cross examination.