Bishop Steenson's Statement to the House of Bishops

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Update: The Living Church has an article about Bishop Steenson’s statement here. Here’s the concluding section:

“From time to time it seems necessary for some to embark on these personal journeys as a reminder that the churches of the Reformation were not intended to carry on indefinitely separated from their historical and theological mooring in the Church of Rome,” he said. “I believe that the Lord now calls me in this direction.”

In concluding remarks, Bishop Steenson asked for forgiveness from his fellow bishops “for any difficulty this may cause and for anything I may have said or done that has failed to live up to the love of Christ.

“I hope that you will not see this as a repudiation of The Episcopal Church or Anglicanism. Rather, it is the sincere desire of a simple soul to bear witness to the fullness of the Catholic faith, in communion with what St. Irenaeus called ”˜that greatest and most ancient Church.’ I believe that our noble Anglican tradition (”˜this worthy patrimony’) has deep within it the instinct of a migratory bird calling, ”˜It is time to fly home to a place you have never seen before.’ May the Lord bless my steps and yours and bring our paths together in his good time.”

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8 comments on “Bishop Steenson's Statement to the House of Bishops

  1. Martin Reynolds says:

    I rejoiced to read a man who thinks, prays and considers carefully before speaking.
    I rejoiced to hear a man so engaged in his spiritual journey and who obeys his conscience and has no rancour.
    I rejoiced to hear a man of such honour, it would be a joy to meet him one day – God willing!

  2. DonGander says:

    Though I would disagree with him as a leader, he is is a man who knows grace. After true grace is met with, all else fades into a far distant background.

  3. Charley says:

    What an asset this man will be to the RCC.

  4. Ad Orientem says:

    A class act all the way.

  5. Mark Johnson says:

    A solid liberal here, but I think I’d enjoy a pleasant conversation with this man. Very kind in his choice of words, and gracious in his manner. Regardless of where we fall, “THIS” is the type of spiritual leader we need!

  6. Ross says:

    Now that was beautifully and gently said.

  7. teatime says:

    While I wish him well and laud his sincerity and goodness, I am troubled by his decision to leave his flock at this time. My heart goes out to the people of his diocese who need a strong and faithful leader to help them through the present difficulties. Now, on top of everything else, they have to search for a new bishop.

  8. deaconjohn25 says:

    The Episcopal- Anglican Church–for all its flaws and problems from a “Roman” Catholic point of view– has, over the last few centuries, led a number of scholarly and good people to finally embrace union with the See of St. Peter and the fullness of the Catholic Faith with love and grace. Apparently, each time the Episcopal Church takes a step away from the Ancient Faith, more Episcopalians and Anglicans suddenly realize just how really Catholic they are at heart.