Nathaniel Pierce on the New Orleans House of Bishops Meeting

Two 9/26/07 headlines:

“US Anglicans Reject Gay Bishops” [BBC news in London]

“Episcopal Bishops Reject Anglican Orders” [New York Times — orders here does not refer to ordination, but rather to the “order” to reject gay Bishops]

Two headlines from respected news organizations on the same statement but with an absolutely different understanding of what the HoB said. Pause for a moment in reverent, holy awe. After more than four centuries of work, behold the perfect manifestation of Anglican fudge. We shall not see this again in our lifetime.

The other interesting quote comes from Newsweek magazine: “a shift to the middle so slight and nuanced it’s almost imperceptible.”

–The Rev. Nathaniel Pierce lives in Trappe, Maryland

What was it I was hoping for above all in New Orleans? Clarity and not obfuscation. We got the latter and not the former, alas–KSH.


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One comment on “Nathaniel Pierce on the New Orleans House of Bishops Meeting

  1. Athanasius Returns says:

    In another thread, I wrote:

    So, let’s recap. The HoB had a meeting in order to clearly respond to Dar es. The HoB, JSC, ACC, ACO, and ostensibly Archbishop Williams, as well as a host of liberal clerics have said the response was adequate. Virtually every other entity says the response was at best yet another re-warmed, refried rehash of the ultra-liberal line. The “ruling” party has demonstrated, time and again, precious little interest in “commitment to the mind and teaching of the Communion”. In chess, politics, and conflict – this is a stalemate. Stalemate is not a stable state of being, but rather loaded with volatile tension. This is NOT a tension that can be “lived into” (how I abhor that useless little phrase, live into). This stalemate requires resolution, otherwise, as in other unstable states, chaos will come to roost.

    Personally, I, a lowly layperson, have sent Archbishop Williams a message imploring him to call an emergency Primates meeting to settle the situation. Far, far, far, far too much is at risk for a stalemate (chaos) to exist for much longer.

    What say ye?