Canadians spend more time online than any other country

Canadians spend more time online than users in any of the countries tracked by measurement company comScore, which also said Canada had the highest penetration of Internet access. About 68 per cent of the Canadian population is online, comScore estimated in April, compared to 62 per cent in France and the United Kingdom, 60 per cent in Germany, 59 per cent in the United States, 57 per cent in Japan, and 36 per cent in Italy.

Canada was the only country in which users logged an average of more than 2,500 minutes online a month, which is almost 42 hours. Israel was second with an average of around 2,300 minutes, while a few other countries were around the 2,000-minute mark.

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4 comments on “Canadians spend more time online than any other country

  1. kmh1 says:

    Because the nights are long and cold, eh?

  2. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    No. 1, that was my thought as well.

  3. Ed McNeill says:

    Canadians are more social than the rest of the world, have better broad band than the USA, and yes it snows.

  4. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    No. 3,

    Not judging from the times I’ve been to Canada, eh! 😉