CEN–Dublin primates meeting marks an ”˜end to the communion as we know it’

The former Dean of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, Dr. Phillip Turner of the Anglican Communion Institute told CEN he was disappointed by the reports produced by the meeting. “Here we have reports on both the function and the organization of the Primates meeting that neither locate as an aspect of ecclesiology the office and role of a primate within a communion of churches nor speak of how the meeting and its standing committee are to address a province or diocese within the communion whose actions other Provinces do not recognize as in accord with scripture.”

“These reports are theologically vacuous,” Dean Turner said. “Sadly, they only display the fact that this Instrument has become dysfunctional. It has become dysfunctional because neither the Primates as a group nor the Primate who is primus inter pares were willing and able to address the actions” of the North American churches.

The “fabric” of the communion remains torn “because of a failure in leadership,” he said, noting that the “communion as we have known it is gone.”

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2 comments on “CEN–Dublin primates meeting marks an ”˜end to the communion as we know it’

  1. pendennis88 says:

    “Dr. Williams cannot now claim that he speaks for a majority of Anglicans”, the article quotes a senior global south leader.

    I guess someone had to come out and say the obvious and sad truth.

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    A thorough analysis which puts the Dublin circus into perspective.