Joe Weisenthal–Did Ben Bernanke Just Admit That QE3 Is Coming?

Put it together. QE2 is due to run out this summer. Unless you think we’re creating so many jobs in a few months, that it’s obvious that we’re on the right track to full employment, then more QE seems in the cards.

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3 comments on “Joe Weisenthal–Did Ben Bernanke Just Admit That QE3 Is Coming?

  1. Ad Orientem says:

    Not sure what Ben is up to. But Gold spiked more than $20 oz today. Hmmmm

  2. NoVA Scout says:

    Gold spiked because of events in Egypt and their potential impact on Mideast stability and oil movements. Its price is exquisitely sensitive to exogenous political disturbances.

    My view on all of this is that the QE was a far superior way to cross. I was disappointed with the QE2, although its form reflected the kind of thoroughbred, all-season Atlantic cruiser that no ship seems to resemble any longer. The interior appointments struck me as a bit tacky. I haven’t been on QE3 yet, but it looks a fright.

  3. Militaris Artifex says:

    When we begin to approach [b]QE-XLV[/b], the jig will be up. We will by then, as a nation, have been transformed, as if by magic, into the United [i]Weimar[/i] States of America. Just look at this morning’s news about unemployment being down 0.4% since last month and the incredible cluelessness of “many economists” as to how it could have been down by that much in light of the small number while the number of new jobs added to the work force was a “measly 36,000.”

    Apparently those “economists” (I use the quotation marks advisedly) have somehow mysteriously forgotten that once an individual has been unemployed for 12 months without securing regular employment, that person is no longer “unemployed” insofar as the [i]official unemployment totals[/i] are calculated. All of this [i]quantitative easing[/i] is so much “whistling in the dark” when viewed in terms of what it will accomplish. Unfortunately, it is also a likely intensifier of the coming inflationary crash that will be stimulated by more and more government spending.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts!

    [i]Pax et bonum[/i],
    Keith Töpfer