(CEN) Nigerian archbishop in Lambeth meeting with Dr Williams

A spokesman for Archbishop Okoh said this week’s visit will be his first to London since his election as primate. A trip set for December 2010 was postponed due to inclement weather. The trip will also provide an opportunity for Dr. Rowan Williams to mend fences with the Nigerian Church, which along with a majority of the African church has become estranged from Lambeth over the past three years.

Regaining the trust of the estranged members of the Anglican Communion would be a “long task” and would be “difficult”, Dr. Williams said at the closing press conference of the Dublin primates meeting last month. However, that is the “task we’ve been given, it’s part of the gift of living in the Church” and “part of the cross we carry.”

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One comment on “(CEN) Nigerian archbishop in Lambeth meeting with Dr Williams

  1. Larry Morse says:

    And did ++ Okoh say to the ABC, “Quit. Now. Is this clear enough?”