(CSM) Walter Rodgers–Crusades redux: Will Jerusalem soon be surrounded by hostile Islamists?

The other night I found myself dreaming, drifting simultaneously through two parallel worlds, 800 years apart.

In the first vision, I was on the ramparts of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in July 1187. News came in from Galilee that the Crusader Armies had been decimated by the overwhelming Muslim forces of the great Sultan Saladin at the Battle of Hattin. Jerusalem, already an island in an angry, surging Muslim sea, was about to be totally engulfed.

My second dream was in the same place, but I was witnessing a 21st-century Islamic encirclement of modern-day Israel. This second trance was apparently shared by some Israeli columnists who openly fear Egypt’s chaotic regime could be followed by an extremist Islamic government, reinforcing that nightmare Crusader scenario of encirclement.

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3 comments on “(CSM) Walter Rodgers–Crusades redux: Will Jerusalem soon be surrounded by hostile Islamists?

  1. David Keller says:

    It already is.

  2. nwlayman says:

    Hmmmm…A little like asking if England will soon be surrounded by water. Actually England has been an island longer, but the area that was/is Israel has been an ocean of hostility to Christians & Jews since Mohammad. The only difference since around 1948 is that Jewish people have imposed some of the Ottoman rules *on Muslims*, and boy do they not like it! Not intended to work in that direction!

  3. Daniel says:

    The Crusader armies didn’t have nuclear weapons and the will to use them. I assume the Israeli government is deadly serious when they say “never again.” Unfortunately, MAD doctrine makes no difference to the “twelver” fanatics in Tehran who believe that hastening Armageddon will bring about the return of the twelfth imam. Islamists are nothing but reincarnated Nazis in Arab or Persian disguise. I imagine the same fate awaits them on the other side of this life that awaited Hitler.

    The other sad thing to ponder is that by betraying Israel, the Obama administration will do severe damage to the U.S. Anybody remember Jonathan Pollard? You can bet Israel is quietly activating its sleeper agents within U.S. intelligence communities so it can further protect itself against any Obama administration moves that pose a threat to its survival.