Same Gender Blessings Backed by Episcopal Diocese of California

Elected representatives of the Episcopal Diocese of California today approved use of rites for the blessing of same gender couples by an overwhelming margin. The action opens the way for Diocesan Bishop Marc Andrus to allow these services to be used on a trial basis by Episcopal churches across the Bay Area.

Clergy and lay delegates also approved by a broad majority a resolution countering recent opinions voiced by the Episcopal House of Bishops in New Orleans. Drafted by the Rev. John Kirkley, the resolution both affirmed “the unanimous decision of the (Diocesan) Standing Committee to refuse to discriminate against partnered gay and lesbian bishops-elect” and deplored
“the lack of access to adequate pastoral and ritual care for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in large parts of the Episcopal Church and the refusal of the majority of our bishops to make provision for it.

“Today we took two important steps toward full inclusion of LGBT people and their families into the Episcopal Church,” Oasis California President Thomas C. Jackson said. Oasis is the LGBT ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of California. “With broad support from our straight allies, we placed LGBT couples on an equal footing with heterosexual couples when they ask the church to bless their relationship. Our elected representatives also made clear our collective commitment to including LGBT people as full members of the Episcopal Church.”

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7 comments on “Same Gender Blessings Backed by Episcopal Diocese of California

  1. William Scott says:

    “With broad support from our straight allies, we placed LGBT couples on an equal footing with heterosexual couples”

    When will there be an honest admitting that the whole LGBT community is not a group of committed couples who have always been knocking at the door of traditional Christian marriage? The LGBT community is itself a very diverse community with a variety of moral practices. Are we moving toward making the discipline of marriage available to those in the LGBT community who want to follow this discipline? Or are we moving toward including all LGBT moral convictions as Christian disciplines? THE WHOLE LGBT COMMUNITY IN THE CHURCH DOES NOT WANT TO SETTLE DOWN AND GET MARRIED. So what are we really talking about changing?

  2. robroy says:

    Thank you diocese of California. Please forward this to all the primates (especially the irresolute Rowan Williams).

  3. Steve Perisho says:


  4. Oldman says:

    Who knows William Scott? I humbly add that the PECUSA or parts there of have no idea of what the long range effect of this will be.
    Unintended consequences in the PECUSA have resulted from trying to be “modern” since the fifties that has resulted in the watering down of the BCP with the 1979 revision that allows many deviations from old standards.

  5. Harvey says:

    Years ago a good friend of mine referred to California as the “ of fruits and nuts..” Nuff said!

  6. Jeffersonian says:

    Don’t forget the flakes, #5.

    Indeed, #1, one only need watch the antics of the San Francisco Gay Pride parade, in which Bishop Marc Andrus enthusiastically participated, to understand the scope of depravity now embraced by TEC as nomative.

  7. Cennydd says:

    It’s hard to refute Harvey and Jeffersonian said, but remember: not every Episcopalian in the the area supports the GLBT crowd. Resistance is growing slowly among those in the southern part of the Bay Area, and the drastic decline of membership in the Diocese of El Camino Real is a clear indicator of dissatisfaction. I once thought that there was no organized opposition until I discovered two parishes which are ACN-affiliated; and that number could grow.