Living Church: Two Sees in Central Africa Declared Vacant

The Anglican Province of Central Africa has removed Bishop Nolbert Kunonga of Harare and another diocesan bishop in Zimbabwe from its college of bishops.

In a statement released on Oct. 19, the Dean of the province, Bishop Albert Chama of Northern Zambia, stated that Bishop Kunonga and Bishop Elson Jakazi of Manicaland were no longer bishops of the church and the Sees of Harare and Manicaland had been declared vacant “with immediate effect.” Vicar generals would be appointed to supervise the election of new bishops, Bishop Chama wrote.

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7 comments on “Living Church: Two Sees in Central Africa Declared Vacant

  1. Br_er Rabbit says:

    Archbishop’s RSVP list for his Lambeth Mad Hatter’s party is growing ever more complex.

  2. Br_er Rabbit says:

    Make that Archbishop Rowan’s

  3. Harvey says:

    At least they know how to clean house when needed. Nuff said!!

  4. TomRightmyer says:

    If, as Bishop Iker is reported to have said to the Forward in Faith meeting, the Episcopal dioceses of Fort Worth, San Joaquin, Quincy, and Pittsburgh withdraw from the Episcopal Church, it will be interesting to see how the General Convention deals with them. The Central Africa report sounds like, “You can’t quit; you’re fired!”

  5. Bob from Boone says:

    What bearing does this action have on the principle outlined in the ABC’s letter to +Howe?

  6. Jody+ says:

    If I remember correctly, Bishop Kunonga wasn’t invited to Lambeth anyway. I’d be careful not to read these issues solely or even primarily in light of current communion conflicts. I believe this has much more to do with internal politics, especially in regards to Bishop Kunonga and his relationship with Robert Mugabe’s government.

  7. Br_er Rabbit says:

    Thanks for the correction and clarification, Jody.