Korean Bible instructor held following China raid

Chinese police are holding a South Korean Bible instructor and his wife following a raid on an underground Protestant church, an activist group said Wednesday, as the government pressures Christians worshipping outside the Communist-controlled church.

The instructor, whose Chinese name was given as Jin Yongzhe, was detained Tuesday along with dozens of other Christians during a police assault on a three-floor church building in the central province of Henan’s Weishi county, the U.S.-based China Aid Association said.

The church building was searched and thousands of dollars worth of property seized during the raid, which the association said targeted a religious education seminar being held there.

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One comment on “Korean Bible instructor held following China raid

  1. BlueOntario says:

    Let’s see, 1930s in Germany, 1950s-80s in the Soviet Union… But China is so different, right?
    Pray for His persecuted church.