GodTube pushes new-time religion

First, the upstart Christian video site became the nation’s fastest-growing Web property for August, according to ComScore’s Media Metrix. Its 1.7 million unique visitors represented a 973 percent increase in traffic over the previous month. In September, the number of visitors leveled off, but the length of the average user’s stay nearly doubled to 7.7 minutes, ComScore said.

Then last week, GodTube became the first religious Web site to offer the hot-ticket social media trinity: user-generated video (a la YouTube), social networking (a la MySpace and Facebook) and live Webcasting (a la Stickam.com). GodTube’s claim that it has become the most-trafficked Christian Web site is trumped only by a second boast: that by the sheer volume of video watched by its users – 1.5 million hours last month – it is now the world’s largest broadcaster of Christian video.

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2 comments on “GodTube pushes new-time religion

  1. justinmartyr says:

    Welcome one and all, we’ve just formed yet another hi-tech, holy ghetto. Because Jesus would be hanging out on GodTube if he was on earth today.


  2. libraryjim says:

    I showed the site to a co-worker and her response was:
    “How long until the pornographers take this site over, too?”

    My response was “How long until it becomes a battle ground for ‘my denomination is better than yours’?”