(ENS) Episcopal Church chief operating officer announces staff appointments

Read it all and there is much more there.


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9 comments on “(ENS) Episcopal Church chief operating officer announces staff appointments

  1. Grandpa Dino says:

    Margaret Rose? Name sounded familiar.

    Great choice for ‘mission’ work, depending on what you definition of ‘mission’ is:


  2. Ezekiel says:

    The Diocese of Lexington did so well that bringing the team with him will assure a rapid success of their ultimate gaol…to shut down the church.

  3. Rob Eaton+ says:

    I thought it interesting that given the transparency of conflict existing at 815 as noted by the bishop/COO, “The Lead” chose only to identify the selection of McDonald as Deputy COO.
    Several flags were raised for me as I read through the double memo at “The Lead”, as Kendall linked. Existing internal conflicts in the Mission departments, his quite generous use of watershed biblical events to buttress his own sense of calling as COO, his grand acceptance and immediate use of power and authority (which in the case of 815 I don’t begrudge him – we’ll see how it goes from here), the willingness to recognize that McDonald’s appt will CAUSE conflict, language that betrays Sauls’ stepping up beside the throne with nary only a peripheral glance in her direction, and just the sense that Margaret and Toni should be thanking their lucky stars (or wherever they focus) that they still have a job at 815. And at least one sentence could be read in such a way as to understand that he still holds a purge card regarding them.
    In one sense, I dont know of anybody who could have gotten away with what he just did appting McDonald (and thus The Lead headline). On the other hand, I got the impression that Sauls was given carte blanche to clear the Mission deck, and the insertion of an outsider loyal to the COO was the only option – and everybody else knew it.
    I guess we’ll hear about it in reports from the next and subsequent Executive Council meetings, whether “conflicts” have been transformed to “peace” (good working conditions and rapport), whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

  4. Dan Crawford says:

    What is a “director of mission for administration”? Something ECUSA must “live into”?

  5. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    What about the director of administration for mission, not to mention the administrator of direction for mission?

  6. cseitz says:

    Am I correct that ‘mission’ is now a critical term, in part because of the need to fund litigation? My memory is that at some point, the term ‘mission’ was applied to litigation…was it in Pittsburgh?

  7. Cennydd13 says:

    It sounds like something they pulled out of thin air.

  8. evan miller says:

    Margaret Rose is the name of the late Princess Margaret, sister of HM Queen Elizabeth.

  9. evan miller says:

    Well, good riddance to any of his gang he takes with him to 815. That many fewer heretics in Lexington.