(BBC) US 'to aid Islamist areas of famine-hit Somalia'

The US has said it will send aid to famine-hit areas of Somalia controlled by the Islamist group al-Shabab.

But US aid officials say assurances must be given that the insurgents will not interfere with its distribution.

The US considers al-Shabab a terrorist group and last year stopped aid to the large area of Somalia it controls.

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4 comments on “(BBC) US 'to aid Islamist areas of famine-hit Somalia'

  1. FrCarl says:

    Along with (re)building mosques, more demonstrated incoherency in US foreign policy. When we will realize/remember we can not buy friends or good will towards the principles this country stands for with money.

  2. libraryjim says:

    Last few times we sent aid to Somalia, it didn’t work out too well.

  3. NoVA Scout says:

    No. 1: – true enough re buying friends. But the point is to feed the starving. I want my country always to have that instinct.

  4. evan miller says:

    And of course we can accept at face value the the “assurances” given by Al Shabab.