(BBC) Abuja attack: Car bomb hits Nigeria UN building

At least 18 people have been killed in an apparent suicide car bombing at the United Nations headquarters in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

The powerful blast destroyed the lower floors of the building. Dozens have been injured, some critically.

A spokesman for the Islamist group Boko Haram told the BBC in a phone call that it had carried out the attack.

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One comment on “(BBC) Abuja attack: Car bomb hits Nigeria UN building

  1. St. Nikao says:

    Things aren’t looking good anywhere in the Islamic target zone.
    There have been murders, imprisonment, crucifixions, genocides and church burnings, every form of persecution of minorities from one end to the other.

    Algeria requested Libya monitor and control the AlQueda element and next thing you know, armored vehicles are crossing into Algeria from Libya. The Arab Spring is nothing but an Islamic militant uprising…paid for by Euro/US tax dollars.

    If the Church does not repent of sexual sin and abortion and other evils, this uprising will continue. Almost every once Christian nation has given in to these evils. God always uses Egypt/Assyria/Babylon to discipline His children when they rebel.