(NPR) A Church, An Oratorio And An Enduring Tradition

A Berliner and longtime member of St. Mary’s church choir, Christian Beier attempts to explain the mystique and tradition behind this piece of music….

“It makes Christmas Christmas,” he adds with a chuckle.

But as gorgeous as the music is for Beier, the core of this yearly event is something deeper.

“It is getting into some dialogue with God. It is being moved by whatever is around us,” he says.

Read or listen to it all (audio for this highly encouraged).


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One comment on “(NPR) A Church, An Oratorio And An Enduring Tradition

  1. Ralph says:

    Great music, divinely inspired.

    Young people these days seem not to have the patience to listen to this, the B Minor Mass, or the St. Matthew Passion, in a live concert. Professional performances are expensive productions. Musicians who can play and sing Bach’s difficult music are hard to find, outside of major cities.