Video–ABC Nightline Profile of a Polyamrous Family Raising a Son

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This was the lead story on Nightline last night–check it out.


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4 comments on “Video–ABC Nightline Profile of a Polyamrous Family Raising a Son

  1. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    And if you have signed on to the arguments for gay marriage and all that, there is absolutely no logical way you can say this is wrong without being a hypocrite.

  2. John Wilkins says:

    That’s not correct, Archer. There are good reasons for the state to restrict the number of partners without having anything to do with complementarity. But the arguments are pragmatic and have more to do with property than sex.

    Culturally, one of the most dangerous things in a society is where young men have no hope for any potential mates. When men are able to have multiple wives, it is the wealthiest who get them. the evidence indicates that polygamous societies are much more violent than ones without. Whereas, there is no evidence that those that legalized gay marriage does the same.

    The case mentioned is a bit unusual – and highly idealistic. Most people are not good communicators; they do not know how to manage their emotions. Jealousy remains. It is a free country, I think. And there is no reason the church must feel the need to bless it.

  3. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    I was speaking of the theological not the political or secular argumentation.

  4. Jim the Puritan says:

    #2–These are all the same kinds of unsupported myths, stereotypes, and prejudicial teachings that were used to discriminate against gay people for so long. Polygamous relationships are entitled to the same sorts of fundamental protections as heterosexual and gay two-party relationships are.

    If people love each other and want to make a legal commitment to one another, they have a fundamental constitutional right to be married. That’s what the law has increasingly realized. There is no rational basis to say that a man can sleep with multiple women, and even father children by them, and that is perfectly legal, but if that same man attempts to “marry” these women and make a permanent commitment to them, they then become criminals who can be sent to jail.

    Marriage Equality means legal recognition of committed poly-relationships as well as monogamous ones. Now that same-sex marriage has been recognized, poly-marriage must be afforded the same protection.