(RNS) Methodists uphold policy that calls same sex practice 'incompatible with Christian teaching'

The delegates defeated another compromise proposal by an even wider margin: 61 to 39 percent. The resolution would have acknowledged a “limited understanding” of human sexuality and called on the church to “refrain from judgment regarding homosexual persons and practices until the Spirit leads us to new insight.”

The Rev. Steve Wendy of Texas argued that the compromise would cause confusion and lead the church to “stumble in our witness.”

“If you look at our largest congregations, and crunch the numbers, they are all reaching young adults successfully,” Wendy said. “And, overwhelmingly, they teach and proclaim God’s truth without compromise.”

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2 comments on “(RNS) Methodists uphold policy that calls same sex practice 'incompatible with Christian teaching'

  1. Formerly Marion R. says:

    The RNS cap is actually: “Methodists uphold policy that calls homosexuality ‘incompatible with Christian teaching’ ”

    I notice the T19 cap corrects “homosexuality” with “same sex practice”.

    Thank-you for this. For a while I thought I was the last one fighting on the language front. Today’s Al Mohler post is also re-encouraging.

  2. jkc1945 says:

    Yes, but nevertheless, the votes within various denomination over the years has moved from an approximate 71-29 margin of support of the traditional and Biblical moral position(s) to about a 61-39 margin, for the most part. This is true in Presbyterian, UMC, Church of the Brethren, and UCC votes over the last couple of decades. The church is visibly and slowly slipping; I wish I could be more encouraged, but I cannot.