(Plain Dealer) On Father's Day, Cleveland athletes take time to offer thanks to their dads

Cavaliers shooting guard Anthony Parker to his dad, Larry Parker:…

“I remember losing a big game because of a terrible shooting night on my part. We sat in the kitchen and you got up and started opening drawers, and cabinets, and looking under the table. My brother Marcus asked, “What are you looking for, Dad?” You looked up with a smile and said, “Anthony’s jump shot!” The whole family died laughing! The next day you and I were on the playground working on that jumper.
“The investment you made in your children is why we are who we are today. You gave us the confidence that we could accomplish our dreams. You challenged us and motivated us to work hard and set the bar high. It’s the reason I have played 15 years as a professional basketball player, my sister, Candace, is among the greatest women to ever play the game and Marcus went to Johns Hopkins for medical school and residency to be a radiologist — a dream he had since he was 5 years old.
“When I get home, my favorite part of the day is my two boys running and jumping in my arms screaming, ‘Daddy’s home!’ To me, it means that I’m doing something right. I guess I’m still trying to emulate my dad.
“Happy Father’s Day. I love you!”

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