Michael Meyerson: Was the Declaration of Independence Christian?

Americans of all political stripes invoked the Declaration of Independence this Fourth of July week. Some read the document and found, as Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz has, that it “rejected Christianity, along with other organized religions, as a basis for governance.” Others saw the same language proving the opposite, that our nation was founded on “Judeo- Christian values.” Such definitive statements do not tell the full story. The American Framers, in their desire to unite a nation, were theologically bilingual””not only in the Declaration of Independence but beyond.

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One comment on “Michael Meyerson: Was the Declaration of Independence Christian?

  1. Pete Haynsworth says:

    As is frequently the case with the WSJ’s Friday ‘Houses of Worship’ column, it’s the best sermon this pewsitter will likely hear all weekend! :>)