The Episcopal Church: Liturgy for Blessing Same-Sex Relationships

Linked in the Christianity Today article below. Jaweed Kaleem, national religion reporter for the Huffington Post uploaded this liturgy on 10th July 2012 which appears to conform the SCLM liturgy appearing in The Episcopal Church General Convention Blue Book as it was enacted and amended by Resolution A049 on 10th July 2012 by General Convention but please be aware this is not an officially released version so should be treated with caution until the official version is released.

The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant
Liturgical Resources for Blessing Same-Sex Relationships

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2 comments on “The Episcopal Church: Liturgy for Blessing Same-Sex Relationships

  1. c.r.seitz says:

    What happens when a Bishop authorizes this provisional rite and the couple who make use of it have been civilly married?

    Does a Bishop have constitutional authority to allow a rite to be used in the context of a civilly married couple, as in that case it would be for a marriage and the rubrics of the BCP and the canons of TEC define marriage?

    It was encouraging to see C049 declare that Title IV as passed in 2009 was constitutionally problematical and to call for a thorough review to see that it is brought into conformity with the Constitution. That principle is critical in the present season of innovation.

    Bishops who decline to use the rite of course are not relevant to any possible anti-constitutional question. The most obvious one involves a couple in a civil marriage.

  2. Already left says:

    Does “lifelong covenant” mean they cannot ever separate or divorce? Just sayin’