Live Streaming of the San Joaquin Diocesan Convention

Anglican TV and Stand Firm will be live streaming the San Joaquin Diocesan Convention.

Here’s the Anglican TV thread.

Here’s the Stand Firm thread:

If you watch and appreciate the availability of the livestream, please consider contributing to Kevin Kallsen’s expenses. Go to the Anglican TV site and look for the “Chip In” link in the upper right corner. Kevin is currently raising money to cover Mark Lawrence’s consecration, but we understand he is still short in terms of having his expenses for San Joaquin covered.



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3 comments on “Live Streaming of the San Joaquin Diocesan Convention

  1. Br_er Rabbit says:

    Did anyone watch Bishop Duncan’s (yes, he is there) closing address to the Diocese last night? Here are some of his heavy hitting quotes:
    [blockquote] There hasn’t been an Archbishop of Canterbury worth killing since 1692.[/blockquote] and
    [blockquote] Are you worth killing? [/blockquote]

  2. The_Elves says:

    A comment from Dr. William Tighe, sent to the elves by e-mail.

    [blockquote]Re: #1,
    That’s perhaps a bit unjust to William Temple, but I *do* have a
    fondness for Sancroft and Laud — and for Michael Ramsey.[/blockquote]

    [Explanation from the elves: We’re still working out the software kinks re: separate membership for T19 and StandFirm comments. Dr. Tighe is still a commenter in good standing at T19. Hopefully we can get it resolved soon.]

  3. Rob Eaton+ says:

    We knew we wanted Kevin to come back for this year’s historic event after his visit and workshop on podcasting last year. He whippied everybody into shape (and an occasional frenzy) once he got here. Kudos also to Ron Hunt (St. Mary’s, Fresno) and John Downing (St James, Fresno), who with Kevin, provided an awesome broad band / wireless network. You should have heard the national media people gushing praise.
    Just so you have some idea, here’s what really makes it work for Kevin: air fare paid, rental car if necessary paid, and a $500 honorarium. I made sure it was part of the 2007 Communications Dept budget. DSJ was proud to have AnglicanTV here.