(NY Times Op-Ed) Thomas Friedman–Mohamed Morsi’s Wrong Turn

I find it very disturbing that one of the first trips by Egypt’s newly elected president, Mohamed Morsi, will be to attend the Nonaligned Movement’s summit meeting in Tehran this week. Excuse me, President Morsi, but there is only one reason the Iranian regime wants to hold the meeting in Tehran and have heads of state like you attend, and that is to signal to Iran’s people that the world approves of their country’s clerical leadership and therefore they should never, ever, ever again think about launching a democracy movement ”” the exact same kind of democracy movement that brought you, Mr. Morsi, to power in Egypt.

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One comment on “(NY Times Op-Ed) Thomas Friedman–Mohamed Morsi’s Wrong Turn

  1. Capt. Father Warren says:

    Oh my! Thomas just discovered that Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is acting like the real radical islamist that he is by attending the Summit in Teheran. I wonder what they will talk about in Teheran? Destroying the “little satan” Israel? Destroying the “big Satan” America? Practical things like establishing the middle east Islamic Caliphate?

    Thomas; do you think Morsi thinks he is making a wrong turn?