The Episcopal Bishop of Western Kansas reflects on General Convention 2012

For months and months this past spring and early summer we of the Episcopal Church heard much about what would happen at our General Convention which ended a couple of weeks ago. Some would have had us believe that the church would collapse. There were all sorts of dire predictions of this or that happening. In the end some of those issues and some of the well-publicized resolutions passed, and some didn’t. After the convention there were a couple of well-publicized articles pronouncing the death-knell of the Episcopal Church. And, in my opinion, the demise of the church is very much overstated. The problem with the church is not the church, but many within the church who see only things temporal, and lose touch with the things eternal.

What many in the church these days seem to overlook is that the church is not ultimately guided by the General Convention, the national staff or the Presiding Bishop. At its core the church is not guided by Bishops or laity. At its core the church is eternal and divine — the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ. The General Convention of the Episcopal Church is over. Some were happy with the results, some were not, and some were just confused. For the most part the Convention probably will not have all that much affect on you and me. So, as I say, the convention probably will not affect you or me all that much. So, let’s bring our discussion back down to our level….

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4 comments on “The Episcopal Bishop of Western Kansas reflects on General Convention 2012

  1. Albany+ says:

    No need to overreact, saith the good Bishop, or even to react at all. “Things temporal,” that’s all.

    Yet there is this dynamic tension, it would seem. Before General Convention we heard that the whole world hangs on “moving forward.” After General Convention, it’s just a “thing temporal.”

    “Just a flesh wound… .”

  2. dwstroudmd+ says:

    “So, as I say, the convention probably will not affect you or me all that much.”
    Women’s ordination.
    Gay clergy.

    It won’t affect you or me all that much until it does. Then it’s too late.
    Lullaby and good night, don’t forget “turn out the light”!

  3. Statmann says:

    Would help to know how His Grace voted on same-sex marraige. In 2010 Dio of Western KS with 30 churches produced only 15 marraiges. Also in 2010 only two churches had more than 65 ASA and only one had more than Plate & Pledge of $150K. Statmann

  4. MichaelA says:

    So it sounds like the churches in this diocese are teetering on the edge of oblivion? I have read somewhere that only about 1 per cent of the population of Kansas claim any episcopalian or Anglican affiliation, is that correct.

    Its not just TEC – ACNA also doesn’t seem to have any presence there – its web-site only lists two parishes in all of Kansas.