An Interview with Cardinal Cormac

Part one is here and part two is there. An excerpt:

In the broadcast, your ”˜Thought for the Day’ extolled listeners to ”˜live life to the full and trust in God, that he will guide and sustain us’. Is this how you lead your life and have you always trusted in God, without question?

Yes, I do try to follow this example. I have never lost my Faith, even in what I might regard as the dark days. I have to say that I have had great happiness in living within the life of Christ.

You may find what I am about to say rather strange on this topic. However, when I attend the funerals of fellow priests, I am struck by the way in which people suddenly find out what good they have done in the support of others and the great out pouring of love that happens on these occasions. It is the love of Christ which keeps us going.

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