Panel of Reference report on the Fort Worth 7 finds misconduct

In an 19 Oct 2012 email Bishop Matthews wrote:

“The Reference Panel unanimously decided according to IV. 6.sec.8 that the complaint will proceed with option (c), Conciliation pursuant to Canon IV.10.”

Under the Title IV disciplinary canons, if the intake officer finds that if a prima facie case can be made against the accused ”“ if the charges if proven true would constitute an offense ”“ the proceedings are passed on to a Reference Panel for action….

the panel proposed…option b, conciliation.

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10 comments on “Panel of Reference report on the Fort Worth 7 finds misconduct

  1. Milton Finch says:

    The great Orthodox Purge continues unabated by the liberal left. I guess we should have purged them before they purged us, but as the orthodox, we knew that would be unchristian. They just don’t care what awaits at death’s door.

  2. Ralph says:

    Amazing, in some ways. Predictable, in others. I wonder if it would help the case being made by the departed dioceses, though. I don’t imagine that many judges would appreciate seeing TEC wield this kind of weapon.

  3. Jim the Puritan says:

    I wish I still had my confirmation materials from Sunday School when I was a boy. In addition to learning about the 39 Articles and how they were binding on the Episcopal Church and other Anglican Churches (in fact, that was the defining thing that made us all “Anglicans,” like Presbyterians followed the Westminster Confession), I remember it being emphasized that we had a “Presiding Bishop” rather than an Archbishop, because the presiding bishop was only a temporary administrative position without any governing powers, and that the Episcopal Church, unlike the Church of England was a collection of co-equal dioceses where power rested in the House of Bishops as an association of Anglican dioceses within the boundaries of the United States. Thus, we had no “primate” or “metropolitan” in the U.S., just a House of Bishops. (I’ll admit my understanding at the time was probably not quite that nuanced, but basically it was put across that just like we don’t have a “King,” we don’t have an “Archbishop” because we rule ourselves.)

    I guess believing those things now gets you categorized as an offender.

  4. The_Elves says:

    Readers may find all the links with background to this story here:

  5. Jill Woodliff says:

    I’ve started a [url=]new prayer collection[/url] for Bishopsgate. Both the South Carolina collection and the Bishopsgate collection will stay at the top of the page at Lent & Beyond.
    As the accused, the complainants, and the conciliator must sign a common document, this possibly could lead to further membership losses for TEC.

  6. AnglicanFirst says:

    “Panel recommends “conciliation” between the accused and the Episcopal Church”

    Wasn’t “reconciliation” and opening gambit during the Spanish Inquisition?

  7. Jim the Puritan says:

    I didn’t expect someone to bring up the Spanish Inquisition.

  8. montanan says:

    Wow – the assault is from many fronts and is a ‘scorched earth’ kind of intensity!

  9. padreegan says:

    reminds me of a scene from a movie….yes….it will come to me….yes….oh here it is:

  10. BlueOntario says:

    I can think of a line from a different movie:
    “Here I Stand. I can do no other.”