Kendall Harmon: Introduction to Acts [6] [Updated January 4]


The sixth part of an Introduction to Acts from Christ St Paul’s added on January 4, 2013

Acts Lesson 6 from Christ St Pauls on Vimeo.
Earlier videos are below

Acts Lesson 5 from Christ St Pauls on Vimeo.

Acts Lesson 4 from Christ St Pauls on Vimeo.

Acts – Lesson 3 from Christ St Pauls on Vimeo.

Acts Lesson 2 from Christ St Pauls on Vimeo.

Acts Lesson 1 from Christ St Pauls on Vimeo.


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7 comments on “Kendall Harmon: Introduction to Acts [6] [Updated January 4]

  1. Adam 12 says:


    Thank you for posting sermons and Biblical explorations. Having orthodox materials readily available is very valuable in an era when mainline churches are more and more under the sway of enforced secular ideologies.

  2. John Boyland says:

    Kendall, yesterday I listened to your Acts introduction, and was struck by the Billy Sunday story, especially since yesterday I was also in argument with my parish leadership about the appropriateness of having a large ornate “icon” of Buddha in the church fellowship hall (along with ones of Christ, Ganesha and Michael). The most they would say about following Buddha rather than Christ was that it was “misguided.” Misguided indeed!

  3. Stefano says:

    Most appreciative of this teaching series. some years ago I was part of a group rewriting the mission statement for a parish. There were several who wanted rather florid and ambiguous statements . My contribution was simple; Acts 2:42. I also appreciate you talking about the Lords prayer he gave us and the spiritual warfare involved in its words especially deliver us from the “evil one” which is still the way it’s recited in many churches. I was wondering if you would consider a written outline to accompany the series; it would be helpful if used in other parishes.

  4. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    The background in the first of that opening video is really creepy.

  5. Jeremy Bonner says:

    I’m glad someone else thought so 🙂

  6. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    Dr. Harmon just looks like a cult leader or something in the frame on that first video. That’s just funny…

  7. CharlietheCook says:

    Terrible choice of backgrounds – very un-Anglican. Shoot these seated in your office with a bookcase in the background or something like that.