House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson's Statement on the 2008 Lambeth Invitations

From ENS:

House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson also issued a short statement saying that “the Episcopal Church elects bishops and consents to the election of bishops in a democratic and participatory manner. The process is carried out within our Constitution and Canons, both at the General Convention and in our dioceses. The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson is a duly elected and consecrated bishop of this Church. Not inviting him to the Lambeth Conference causes serious concern to The Episcopal Church.”


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6 comments on “House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson's Statement on the 2008 Lambeth Invitations

  1. DLewis says:

    The USA is supposed to be one nation under God. We don’t elect a new God on a periodic basis. He is the same, once and for all, now and forever.

  2. dwstroudmd+ says:

    It might cause Bonnie serious concern but even if it did cause “the Episcopal Church” (minus one, me) serious concern, that would be a matter of concern for what, 3 out of every one thousand Anglicans, at best? 2.2 million/77million. There’s a perspective to sink one’s thought into, rather.

  3. HowieG says:

    Perhaps, the HOB should have considered what the effect of confirming Robinson as a “duly elected and consecrated bishop” would have on the AC back in 2003. They were warned then, and have been warned numerous times since. When one refuses to lisen to the voices of the Church, you must expect the consequences of that action.

    So now TEc(Cult) has “serious concern” that Robinson wasn’t invited to Lambeth. Well, it appears that TEc (Cult) may be getting the MESSAGE, albeit, it may be too late. You play with the Fire from God, you should expect to get burnt.


  4. KGL+ says:

    Who cares what the House of Deputies president thinks?

  5. Barry says:

    %-P Hey Bonnie, do you see any concern in my eyes? All my donations go the rector’s discretionary fund….that is when I attend an Episcopal church.


  6. Cennydd says:

    Yeah, Barry…….and so do a lot of others’ donations; mine included!