(RNS) The seven most provocative religious videos of 2012

Imagine if Martin Luther and John Calvin had YouTube.

Armed with Gutenberg’s printing press, the two reformers wrested Europe from the grip of the Roman Catholic Church and changed Christianity forever.

What would they have done with a medium that can zip text, music, and, perhaps most importantly, videos across the globe in a matter of seconds?

“The importance of YouTube, the importance of the Internet is huge for the next coming generation of the church,” Jefferson Bethke told NPR earlier this year.

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One comment on “(RNS) The seven most provocative religious videos of 2012

  1. Stefano says:

    Until now I had never heard of the NewNameNoah videos. If they are genuine they would support the notion that Mormonism has nothing to do with Christianity and a lot to do with Masonic rituals. Several aspects of the rituals have been alluded to previously and certainly enough documentation already exists to preclude the diligent from believing Smiths imaginative tales or confusion about the claims of his followers. Still, it interesting to have the eyewitness recording of these strange delusions.