Rob Kirby–Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse?

When the conservative Anglican diocese that serves the Fresno, California, area voted to leave the U.S. Episcopal denomination, the national denomination did as it has done in Connecticut, Virginia, Florida and Texas, it fought the diocese in court ”“ seeking to seize all property, which includes millions of dollars worth of sanctuaries, parsonages, parish halls and college campuses.

Observer Giles Fraser says that the liberal national leadership doesn’t have a clue. Citing a vote by the diocese of Pittsburgh, led by Bishop Bob Duncan, Fraser explained: “They are sick to death of liberals telling them that ”˜gay’ is OK.”

“Anglicanism is in deep trouble,” writes Fraser, “and so, too, is the Church of England. The fact that 46 members of the church’s general synod, its parliament, have written expressing their support for secessionism, bodes very ill.

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4 comments on “Rob Kirby–Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse?

  1. Teatime2 says:

    From the date on the comments, this article is probably about 6 months old. My question is this — particularly because of the Bishop Lawrence and South Carolina travesty, is there any sort of movement or discussion about removing KJS? Even if the majority of bishops who favor the “new thing” don’t care about the Gospel being perverted, they are largely self-serving politicos who must be pondering their own future statuses and finances. I would have expected that at least some of them would want to cut Schori loose and install a more moderating influence to buy themselves, ahem, the church organization some time.

    She is bankrupting the organization in every way conceivable. That only favors the orthodox and orthodox-leaning bishops, clergy, and congregations. The liberal structure will collapse and their ilk will be purged. The strong congregations and dioceses will do fine with or without an alternative structure but there is no future for the “progressives” who have run everything into the ground. Have they just seen the handwriting on the wall and are giving up?

  2. paradoxymoron says:

    Not while there are assets to be liquidated. Then, the liberal non-profit network will take care of them with fellowships and tenured teaching positions.

  3. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    No. 1,

    I don’t think any bishops really can bring the Presiding Bishop up on charges because of the funky new disciplinary canons. The “intake officer” that allows for a complaint to either proceed or be dismissed before it can be taken to any sort of trial or “reconciliation” is basically in the pocket of the Presiding Bishop. The way the power structure has been stacked basically makes the P.B. bulletproof, barring serious criminal activity.

  4. Teatime2 says:

    No. 3 Archer,
    Wow. So much for any checks and balances, eh? How much longer is her term of office?

    No. 2, paradoxymoron,
    I don’t think there’s much, if any, liquidation occurring, particularly since she won’t sell the properties to Anglican groups. It’s pretty difficult to sell church buildings/campuses in the States unless the buildings lend themselves to other uses or are in prime locations. There aren’t loads of Muslim groups looking to buy churches.