Anglican Unscripted Episode 63

‘This week Kevin and George cover the international outrage over Civll Partnered Gay Bishops in the Church of England… and in the Palaces. They also spend time analyzing the sound approach the Anglican Church in North America is applying to the difficult topics of Multi-jurisdictional Dioceses and Women’s Ordination. Story three covers the folly of the Episcopal Church’s legal strategy in South Carolina and the Quorum problem. In Episode 63s final story we learn about how North America is able to Bless something without actually do it… we know… weird.’


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2 comments on “Anglican Unscripted Episode 63

  1. rdrjames says:

    Kevin and Fr. George, I love you both! especially when you smile over stupid goin’s on among the episcables!

    I wish we in the Eastern Orthodox Church had something similar.

    James Morgan
    Olympia, WA

  2. rdrjames says:

    According to one source, they have around 12 marriages at the ‘National Ecopalian Cathedral’. How many more gay marriages will they have.

    Yourse for long underwear and snuggies! It is around 25 F. this week in Western Washington.
    Prayers for you both, especially for Fr. George!