[ACNS] VTS Names Director of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies

Heaney was ordained a priest in the Church of Ireland in 2002, and has been active in Anglican parishes in Ireland, England, and Tanzania. He is married to Dr. Sharon Heaney and they have one son, Sam.

As director of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies, Heaney will ensure the Center’s continued support of theological education; the engagement of Anglican leaders and scholars in study, research and conversation; and interreligious dynamics across the Communion.

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3 comments on “[ACNS] VTS Names Director of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    Heaven forbid that anyone from the ACNA should be asked to participate. Goodness, no! “Polity,” you know!

  2. MichaelA says:

    Good point Cennydd.

    ACNA’s best answer is to keep planting churches and growing them, as it has been doing.

    Such activity is despised by those who worship power, many of whom seem to be in TEC. But it has mighty effects in the long run – there may well come a time when TEC wants to make overtures for peace and co-operation, but finds that it has become irrelevant.

  3. Cennydd13 says:

    If TEC’s membership continues its nosedive at the present rate, it won’t be long, will it? That irrelevancy is growing by the week, it seems.