[SunLive NZ] Redemption for Reverend

A former Tauranga pastor convicted of fraud and burglary is embarking on new adventures after being appointed the new Anglican Dean of Wellington

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4 comments on “[SunLive NZ] Redemption for Reverend

  1. A Senior Priest says:

    Ummm one assumes that this Baptist minister will be ordained before he becomes Dean of Wellington? And how was he able to enter the calling process? And why wasn’t this insurance fraudster, burglar, and thief put in jail? It must be noted that “Before becoming involved in ministry, he worked for New Zealand Railways as a mechanical fitter repairing main-trunk-line locomotives” though there is no mention of seminary or training.

  2. driver8 says:

    Well as I understand it, the Dean to be trained for ministry in his Baptist context, and served from about around 1992 until 2002 as a baptist minister. After his conviction he began to attend an Anglican church and around 2005 the parish he was attending asked him to become a “preaching associate”. Shortly after the bishop requested him to consider ordination, and he was ordained as an Anglican priest in 2006. In 2007 he was appointed Senior Pastor of a baptist congregation where he will serves now. He will take up the post of Dean in January 2014.

    An interesting article by him in this pdf:

    http://www.sgm.org.nz/Refresh Archive/Refresh_11_2.pdf

  3. driver8 says:

    Link fail. Google that URL and you’ll get to it.

  4. A Senior Priest says:

    He writes well, and for a good while now he’s had a powerful patron in the Bishop.